8 Tips on How to Create a Successful Instagram Profile For Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that social media can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your brand.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with over 900 million users, so it’s a great place to reach potential customers especially as it’s a visually-focused platform that will suit almost every business out there.

But setting up an Instagram profile that attracts followers and converts them into customers takes a bit of work.

How do you get started? Here are 8 tips on how to create a successful Instagram profile for your business!

instagram profile tips


Table of Contents:

1. Choose a username and public name that is easy to remember and represents your business well
2. Upload a profile picture that is high quality and representative of your brand
3. Fill out your bio with relevant information about your business
4. Add a link to your business website
5. Use hashtags to organise your content or to reach a wider audience
6. Post interesting, engaging content regularly
7. Interact with followers and other businesses on Instagram
8. Upgrading your Instagram Account


1. Choose A Username And A Public Name That Is Easy To Remember And Represents Your Business Well


When setting up a new account, your username is one of the first things you will need to decide.

Because your username is one of the first things people will see on your Instagram profile, you’ll need to choose one that is easy to remember and represents your business well. It’s good to remain as accurate or as similar to your business name or website to remain consistent and easy to find. This username is also what people will use to “tag” your account with.

For example, if you are a plumber called Bob with the business name “Bob’s Plumbing”, @Bobs_Plumbing would be an appropriate username. When people tag your account or reply to your comments, they will use @Bobs_Plumbing followed by their query or comment.

Once you pick a username, you should commit to that username. You may change your username twice only – after that, Instagram will make you wait 14 days to change it each time. Be aware that once you change usernames, someone else could take that username.

Public name

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to have the username you planned on having if it’s already taken. You can still have a “Public Name” which will also be displayed on your profile.

This name should be your business’s official name.

If you’re using an Instagram business profile (which is recommended for businesses as you’ll have access to Instagram business tools such as insights and demographics), you’ll be able to also display what kind of category your account is.

For example:

  • Artist
  • Clothing (brand)
  • Health/Beauty
  • Product/Service

This will help differentiate your type of business, especially if you’re a new account and you lack the content or bio description to show what your brand is or offers.

We’ll circle back on business account types on Instagram later on in this article.

2. Upload A Profile Picture That Is High Quality And Representative Of Your Brand.

Your profile picture should represent what your business is about – it could be your logo for example.

  • The size of this image should be 1080px by 1080px; larger images may not appear at full resolution on some feeds
  • Make sure your logo is clear, that it can be easily seen and that it will appear well on a small screen
  • Use bright colours or colours that align with your brand guidelines/palette
  • Avoid logos with words (letters will be fine)

Once you pick a profile picture, that picture will be displayed on your profile. For those that follow you, your profile picture will be displayed at the top of Instagram whenever you post a story. Having a recognisable or eye-catching profile picture will help followers differentiate you from the sea of people they follow. This will make them more likely to engage with your Instagram stories over other stories.

For this reason, some people like to add a ring or a circle border around their profile picture so it can be distinguished from other profile pictures easier. You can do this on online apps like Unilink.

3. Fill Out Your Bio With Relevant Information About Your Business

Arguably, one of the most important steps. If your newsfeed fails to tell customers what your brand is about, this is where your bio will come in.

The bio is essentially the “About” section of your profile.

When filling in the “About” section, you can write up to 150 characters worth of relevant information about your business – this is where you can give people more insight into what you offer or what your brand is about. You could put in brand slogans here too.

Adding in emojis can also make your bio look more visually appealing and add character to your page. 

4. Add A Link To Your Business Website

Link your Instagram to your website - Gastronomic Agency


Add a link to your website in your bio so users can quickly access it if they wish.

When you add a link to your business website on your Instagram bio, you are providing followers with an easy way to access your website. This can be beneficial because it allows followers to learn more about your business and what you offer whilst increasing traffic to your website.

The end goal could be that they subscribe or checkout with one of your products for example, through this link in your bio.

Every time you generate content (upload, post stories, reels, etc.) customers, new or old, will click on your profile and check out your website. So make sure it’s a working, usable link and that it links to a relevant page on your site.

5. Use Hashtags To Organise Your Content Or To Reach A Wider Audience

Using hashtags for your Instagram Profile - Gastronomic Agency


Hashtags can help you connect with a whole new audience who are interested in topics related to your business. They search for specific hashtags and this is where they will find your profile page – these users may not have been searching for your brand before but now you’re visible to them! The more hashtags you use, the better chance you have of reaching these people.

If you are running a particular campaign, you could also use a hashtag with that campaign name to your Instagram organise posts. It’s a great way for your audience to also join in the hashtags too.

6. Post Interesting And Engaging Content Regularly

Consistent And Regular Content - Gastronomic Agency


There’s no point in having an Instagram account if it doesn’t get used. Post high-quality and visually appealing images and videos that are relevant to your business. Remember, Instagram is a visually-focused platform so visual story-telling is a must as Instagram users will most likely skim over posts that are words heavy and boring.

It’s important to adhere to your brand guidelines if you have one. This will help you build consistency in your content. Customers should be able to scan over your Instagram feed and in an instant, know what your brand is about.

Brand guidelines can include things like the logo, the tone of voice for copy, colour palette, and formatting rules.

Types of Instagram Content

  • Instagram Posts
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Live

Post Entertaining Content

  • People need to see a genuine reason for following you, so make sure it’s worth their while.
  • By posting entertaining content, you will be able to bring value to followers and in return, they will engage with your content and hopefully check out your website.
  • More engagement (likes, shares, comments) will satisfy Instagram’s algorithm which means your posts may show up more in the Instagram’s feed for user accounts that follow similar pages to yours.

Post Useful Content

  • Useful content could be videos demonstrating how to use your product, or good reviews about your services.
  • Spark interest in your content so users want more.

You can use applications like SproutSocial to organise your content calendar so you can plan out when and what type of content you want to create for your Instagram in advance.

Scheduling Your Instagram Posts - Gastronomic Agency


Posting consistently will encourage more people to follow you especially if they’re quality posts. Consider having the Instagram app ready on hand with you on your mobile as well as using Instagram on desktop to make the most out of your Instagram experience.

7. Interact With Followers And Other Businesses On Instagram

To really get the most out of your account, be interactive – communicate with your own followers as well as other pages on Instagram. It’s social media after all.

Reply to comments and messages

Reply to customer queries about your services or products. This increases the engagement levels of your account. Providing good and satisfying customer service from a customer’s first initial interest to the end goal of following or purchasing from your brand will increase brand loyalty and customer relationships.

8. Upgrading Your Instagram Account

Another way you could create a successful Instagram profile for your account is to upgrade your account.

Changing from a personal Instagram account to an Instagram business account

Consider changing your account from a personal (default) account to a business account to access Instagram business tools like insights, audience demographics and more.

As the name suggests, Instagram business profiles work in a more efficient way than a default personal account does.

Upgrade Your Instagram Account - Gastronomic Agency


Connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram account to integrate posts will also give you better control over your social media campaigns.

Start An Instagram Account For Your Business Today!

Instagram for your business is crucial if you are going to implement some type of social media marketing into your business strategy. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with over 900 million users with a great platform that’s focused on visual story-telling which will suit almost every kind of business out there.

With our top 8 tips on how to create a successful Instagram profile for your business, we hope you’ll be able to get started in tackling your social media goals and eventually implement Instagram marketing for your business & more.


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