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Why? Because we are a specialist online marketing agency.

Whether you are a bar, a hotel or restaurant, having a solid marketing strategy has never been more crucial to your success. With many hospitality businesses in the industry to compete with, the competition is tougher than ever.

And since the updates in digital marketing, you probably find that digital marketing has changed: it is now even harder to engage your social media audience.

Need Some restaurant marketing solutions?

We are not like other Google Ads Marketing Agencies. Our restaurant marketing ideas, actually help you show up more than your competitors and are a unique combination of social media advertising, social media marketing and search engine optimisation, designed to give you amazing results for less than £30 per day total spend.


Our hospitality marketing is perfect for both restaurant owners as well as other hospitality brands and brick and mortar businesses. 

Restaurant Marketing You can Trust.

Our marketing efforts have been refined over years. From being a restaurant owner, running our own bars, to growing all sorts of businesses through digital marketing.

Just book in a call and we will show you how we can build your markeing at a low spend with high returns.

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How Does It Work?


Using specialist AI technology, we create blog posts that help you rank for key terms in your area of expertise, resulting in you showing up higher on the search engines. 


Utilising cutting edge tech we create a Local SEO strategy which helps you show up nmuch higher on Google and Google Maps for local searches.


We create a bespoke PICNIC Funnel (find out more about it on our call) to speak to the right people and keep your brand front of mind  with your perfect customer.

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As a trained chef, wine professional and entrepreneur, I am passionate about business and helping food and drink companies succeed.

With more and more pressures in the food, drink and hospitality businesses, I look forward to speaking with you and helping you develop your own marketing plan.