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Growing any kind of business isn’t easy.

In today’s world, making the most of digital marketing can be the difference between sink or swim.

Attached if you’re more comfortable perfecting a focaccia than a Facebook ad, we’re here to help. Our digital marketing is designed to grow your revenue, without crazy agency fees.

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Marketing that Works for you

Faster, cheaper results

We use AI and machine learning software to deliver the same results as bigger agencies - but at a muchlower cost.

Nurture relationships

We use advanced techniques to put you in front of the right audiences, and develop a bond with your existing customers.


We want you to sleep more soundly at night - so we’re laser-focused on turning our ideas and efforts into actual sales.

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’re not just marketing experts – we’re foodies too. In fact, our team has a lot of past experience in running our own food and drink businesses.

We know first-hand how marketing can make or break a brand. And we also know that going to a marketing agency is rarely an affordable option. That’s why we decided to launch a service that could work for small businesses, costing just £25 a day – while delivering real results.

Results In just a few months,

Quadrupled revenue in 3 months
Tripled their Organic Traffic

Don’t JUST take our word for it

“Working with Gastronomic Agency was absolutely critical to our growth in 2020. We highly recommend Gastronomic Agency as a fantastic one-stop-shop for any company looking to expand their online sales and paid advertising strategy, especially those that are looking to scale their e-commerce to its full potential.”
James Grundy & Felix James
Founders, The Small Beer Company
“Gastronomic Agency is a great digital marketing agency. Paul and his team really helped us increase our digital footprint and e-commerce business in 2020. They created us a new website and handled all of our digital advertising. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business who want to scale.”
Andrew Heald
CEO, Fishers Gin

Our clients

In case you weren’t sure, we don’t just work with restaurants. During our 7 years of experience, we’ve worked with countless food, drink and hospitality brands, big and small.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a startup food truck, we put the same time and care into getting to know your brand – and putting that message out to the right customers.

Introducing the PICNIC Plan

PICNIC is a marketing plan that we developed to be pared-down, yet highly focused.

It has been so successful, it was picked up by AMEX – who asked us to teach it to their merchants around the globe.

It Includes:

Keyword Research.

1 SEO Optimised Blog per Month

Social Retargeting Campaigns

Ad Copywriting

Ad monitoring and performance updates by our specialist consultants?

All for £750 ex VAT pm

So, how does this work?

Step 1

Book a no-obligation call with our team. If you decide the plan isn’t for you, you’ll still leave with ideas that you can implement to grow your revenue.

Step 2

We want to work together! Great. We’ll then work with you to get to know your brand. From there, we’ll develop and deliver your growth strategy.

Step 3

Your sales will start ticking up – but we won’t stop there. Our team will continue to look for and find different opportunities to help you grow even faster.

So what Is PICNIC ?

PICNIC is an acronym that stands for Prospect, Interest, Converse, Nurture, Incentivise and Convert. It may sound like a bunch of marketing jargon, but it’s a process we actually built from our experience in the hospitality sector.

It works perfectly for brick and mortar businesses, and online companies too.

Still wondering if it will work for you? See our FAQs below.


We’re so confident in our approach, if we don’t double your return once your contract is up, our senior media buying team will jump in and scale it for you at no extra cost. This would usually cost £4,000 per month. We’ve developed and tested this approach on all types of industries and companies over the course of many years. As long as you have a website, it will work for you.

Not a bad deal! We’ve seen the services we offer priced at £10,000 per month. We can do the same work for just £750 per month, because we make clever use of AI and machine learning. We use this to work faster and smarter, at the cutting edge of marketing technology.

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and in the current climate, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition. We want to support food and drinks businesses to not just survive the hard times ahead, but to reach their fullest potential.

Not at all – we work with in-house marketing teams every day. We bring a different set of skills to the party through our specialist of social advertising, local SEO and the hospitality sector. Plus, organic social media posting isn’t what we do –  it’s smart to keep that in-house.

We work with our clients for a minimum of 6 months to be able to deliver them exceptional results. If we don’t double your return once your contract is up, our senior media buying team will jump in and scale it for you at no extra cost. This would usually cost £4,000 per month. We’ve never had a client leave at the end of a contract.

That is great, but a very different thing to what we do. The organic social media side of things is great for an in house team to do but for a holistic strategy, it is smart to have an agency supporting your organic social media.

Let's Get Started?

Marketing with food - we wrote the book on it.​

Written by our founder Paul Hannagen in 2019, Gastronomic Marketing details how food and drink companies can utilise eating and gastronomy to develop meaningful relationships with their customers.

Breaking bread and sharing a table are extremely powerful ways to build rapport, and this book tells you how to do it well.

food marketing agency

Looking for a food marketing agency that will build your brand?

With our digital marketing agency experience, we work with food brands and drinks companies to research and create new marketing ideas and new content with food marketing strategies, resulting in increased brand awareness.

Having been in the food industry for decades, we have a deep love and understanding of the food sector. We have worked for clients including start up companies as well as global household food and drink brands.

We could chat all day about our wealth of experience but that would take all day. So instead, we’ll let our work do the talking. Check out some of our previous client projects to see what we can do for you.

Or if you’re ready to get started on your own food marketing, contact us today.

If you are in the ideation phase of your food branding and looking for help with content for your public relations for you business,

Gastronomic Agency can help create your marketing strategy that will help define your brand identity and build your businesses sales.

A food marketing agency that will get your results!

Do You Need A Restaurant Marketing Agency You Can Trust?

Whether you are a bar, a hotel or restaurant, having a solid marketing strategy has never been more crucial to your success. With many hospitality businesses in the industry to compete with, the competition is tougher than ever.

And since the updates in digital marketing, you probably find that digital marketing has changed: it is now even harder to engage your social media audience.

Restaurant Marketing You Can Trust.

restaurant marketing agency

Restaurant marketing you can trust

Our marketing efforts have been refined over years. From our own experience running restaurants and bars, to helping other passionate business owners through digital marketing.

Our no-obligation call will take you through the ways in which we can grow your business through low-cost, cutting-edge marketing.

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